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Freenove Basic Starter Kit (Compatible with Arduino IDE)

Freenove Basic Starter Kit (Compatible with Arduino IDE)

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Freenove control board includes everything needed to support the microcontroller.
This kit helps you learn and use it with its tutorial and project examples.

We provide free technical support to help you with any questions and problems.

Main Features:

* 96-page detailed tutorial
  Comes with detailed tutorial and complete code. (Download needed, no paper tutorial.)
  Including basic electronics and programming knowledge, and dozens of projects.
  You can download them before purchasing:

* 151 common items
  All parts needed to complete the projects in the tutorial. No soldering required.

* 19 interesting projects
  Each project has circuit diagrams and verified code with detailed explanations.

* Latest control board
  Upgraded to USB Type-C connector, USB-Serial chip and black PCB.

* Get support
  Our technical service team is always ready to answer your questions.

Contents of Tutorial:

Chapter 1 LED Blink
  Project 1.1 Control LED by Manual Button
  Project 1.2 Control LED by Control Board
Chapter 2 Two LEDs Blink
  Project 2.1 Two LEDs Blink
Chapter 3 LED Bar Graph
  Project 3.1 LED Bar Graph Display
Chapter 4 LED Blink Smoothly
  Project 4.1 LEDs Emit Different Brightness
  Project 4.2 LED Blink Smoothly
Chapter 5 Control LED Through Push Button
  Project 5.1 Control LED Through Push Button
  Project 5.2 Change LED State by Push Button
Chapter 6 Serial
  Project 6.1 Send Data through Serial
  Project 6.2 Receive Data through Serial Port
  Project 6.3 Application of Serial
Chapter 7 ADC
  Project 7.1 ADC
  Project 7.2 Control LED by Potentiometer
  Project 7.3 Control LED through Photoresistor
Chapter 8 RGB LED
  Project 8.1 Control RGB LED through Potentiometer
  Project 8.2 Colorful LED
Chapter 9 Buzzer
  Project 9.1 Active Buzzer
  Project 9.2 Passive Buzzer
Chapter 10 Temperature Sensor
  Project 10.1 Detect the Temperature
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