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Freenove Micro:Rover Kit for micro:bit

Freenove Micro:Rover Kit for micro:bit

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Important Notes:

Battery is needed but NOT included in this kit.
(Refer to "About_Battery.pdf" in downloaded file to buy battery.)

Purchase Options:

This kit has two purchase options.
One option includes the micro:bit board, the other option does not include it.

Compatible Boards:

If you choose the option without micro:bit, you need to prepare one of following boards yourself:

* micro:bit V1
* micro:bit V2


This is a programmable car kit. Everyone can program it by using block-based visual programming language.
Whether you want to experience the joy of robots or learn to program, this is a good choice.

We provide free technical support to help you with any questions and problems.

Tutorial and Code:

Comes with detailed tutorial and Blocks, Python code. (Download needed, no paper tutorial.)
Blocks is an easy to use graphical programming language and Python is very popular.
You can download them before purchasing:

Remote Control:

You can use the following devices to control this car:

* Android device:
  Android phone or tablet. (Run Android 4.4 or later, installed Freenove App.)
  (Search Freenove on Google Play.)

* iPhone:
  (Run iOS 10 or later, installed Freenove App.)
  (Search Freenove on App Store.)

* micro:bit:
  Use another micro:bit to control this car wirelessly.
  (Needs to be prepared by yourself.)

Package Includes:

1 x Official BBC micro:bit board
1 x Micro:Rover car body
1 x Ultrasonic ranging module
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Line-tracking map

Contents of Tutorial:

Chapter 1 Music
  Play a note
  Play a melody
  Play custom melody
Chapter 2 RGB LED
  Show one color
  Show different colors
  Show random color
  Show soft colors
Chapter 3 Ultrasonic Ranging
  Obtain value of ultrasonic ranging
  Rover-Obstacle avoidance mode -1
  Rover-Obstacle avoidance mode -2
(Download tutorial for details)
Chapter 7 Android and iOS App