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Freenove 4MWD Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi

Freenove 4MWD Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Important Notes:

This car needs to be assembled and does NOT include Raspberry Pi and battery.
(Refer to "About_Battery.pdf" in downloaded file to buy battery.)


This is a programmable car kit with multiple functions.
Whether you want to experience the joy of robots or learn to program, this is a good choice.

We provide free technical support to help you with any questions and problems.

Compatible Models:

* Recommended:
  Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 3A+

* Also compatible but needs extra parts (refer to tutorial for details):
  Raspberry Pi 2B / B+ / A+ / Zero 1.3 / Zero W

(Note: Raspberry Pi is NOT included in this kit.)

Tutorial and Code:

Comes with detailed tutorial and complete code (Python). (Download needed, no paper tutorial.)
You can download them before purchasing:

Remote Control:

You can use the following devices to control this car:

* Computer:
  Laptop or desktop. (Run Windows, macOS or Raspberry Pi OS.)
  (Refer to tutorial for details.)

* Android device:
  Android phone or tablet. (Run Android 4.4 or later, installed Freenove App.)
  (Search Freenove on Google Play.)

* iPhone:
  (Run iOS 10 or later, installed Freenove App.)
  (Search Freenove on App Store.)

Package Includes:

1 x 4WD Smart Car Board for Raspberry Pi
1 set Machinery Parts (9 kinds)
2 x Servo Package
4 x Driven Wheel
4 x DC Speed Reduction Motor
4 x Motor Bracket Package
1 set Acrylic Parts for Pan Tilt
1 x Line Tracking Module
1 x Camera
1 x Ultrasonic Module
1 x Connection Board
1 x Jumper Wire F/F(4)
1 x XH-2.54-5Pin Cable
1 x Cross Screwdriver (3mm)
1 x Black Tape
1 x Cable Tidy (25cm)

Needed but Not Included:

2 x 3.7V 18650 rechargeable battery (Refer to "About_Battery.pdf" in downloaded file to buy.)
1 x Charger for 3.7V 18650 rechargeable battery
1 x Raspberry Pi board and its necessary accessories