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Freenove I2C LCD 1602 Module

Freenove I2C LCD 1602 Module

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Important Notes:

The I2C address of this LCD varies among different built-in chips. Please check the chip to get it.
(Refer to "About_I2C_Address.pdf" in downloaded file for details.)

* 8574AT chip: 0x3F
* 8574T or blank chip: 0x27


This is an I2C/IIC LCD module that can display several lines of characters.
It is compatible with most mainstream microcontrollers.

Compatible Models:

Mainstream models of Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Raspberry Pi Pico / ESP32 / ESP8266

(Note: Other controllers may also be compatible, but no tutorial and code are provided.)


Comes with tutorial and example code. (Download needed, no paper tutorial.)
You can download them before purchasing:

Package Includes:

1 x LCD module
1 x Jumper wire F/M (4 pin)
1 x Jumper wire F/F (4 pin)