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Freenove Development Kit for ESP32-S3

Freenove Development Kit for ESP32-S3

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ESP32-S3-WROOM is a powerful and small controller with onboard camera and wireless.
This kit helps you learn ESP32-S3 and LVGL GUI library with its tutorial and project examples.

We provide free technical support to help you with any questions and problems.

Main Features:

  A powerful and small controller with onboard camera and wireless. (Includes 1GB memory card.)

* Detailed tutorial
  Including several typical projects with code and explanations. (Download needed, no paper tutorial.)
  You can download them before purchasing:

* Onboard devices
  Camera, wireless, RGB LED, stereo speakers, audio converter, heart rate sensor, colorful touch screen.

* Comprehensive project
  A simple embedded system example with camera, picture viewer, music player, heart rate meter, RGB LED controller, electronic piano, file exchanger.

* Heart rate sensor
  A sensor that can measure heart rate through finger touch. (For development demonstration only.)

Contents of Tutorial:

Chapter 0 Assembly
Chapter 1 ADC Test
Chapter 2 RGB LED
Chapter 3 Camera Web Server
Chapter 4 Read and Write Memory Card
Chapter 5 Play Memory Card Music
Chapter 6 Heart Rate Sensor
Chapter 7 Drving 2.8-Inch Screen
Chapter 8 Touch of 2.8-Inch Screen
Chapter 9 LVGL
Chapter 10 LVGL Lable
Chapter 11 LVGL Button
Chapter 12 LVGL Slider
Chapter 13 LVGL Img
Chapter 14 LVGL Imgbtn
Chapter 15 LVGL Camera
Chapter 16 LVGL Picture
Chapter 17 LVGL Music
Chapter 18 LVGL Heartrate
Chapter 19 LVGL RGB LED
Chapter 20 LVGL Buzzer
Chapter 21 LVGL Multifunctionality
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